Research to Prevent Blindness

New Retinal Disease Discovered

Macula of affected person

RPB-supported researchers have found a new, rare inherited retinal disease. The  investigators hope that finding the genetic cause will increase understanding of more common retinal diseases. The macula,...

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Curing Color Blindness

Maureen Neitz, Ph.D.

Research teams at three RPB-supported institutions have collaborated in curing color blindness with gene therapy, the second successful application of gene therapy in treating an eye disorder. RPB also supported the...

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Major Breakthrough in Early Detection and Prevention of AMD

Dr. Ambati led the research team

RPB-supported researchers have discovered a biological marker for wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD) that shows strong potential as a means for both early detection and preventive treatment."This is a...

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Stem Cell Therapy Makes Cloudy Corneas Clear

Dr. Funderburgh

Stem cells collected from human corneas restore transparency and don't trigger a rejection response when injected into eyes that are scarred and hazy, according to experiments conducted by researchers at the...

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Learning to See Again After Stroke

Training to recover sight

By doing a set of vigorous visual exercises on a computer every day for several months, patients who had gone partially blind as a result of a stroke regained some vision.  Some could drive again. "This is...

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Novel Pathway Helps Eyes Quickly Adapt to Darkness

Muller cells

Scientists haveuncovered a previously unknown pathway in the retina that allowsphotoreceptor cells to adapt following changes in light exposure. The discoverycould help scientists better understand diseases...

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“Smart” Contacts May Someday Test for and Treat Glaucoma

"Smart" contact lens prototype

Scientists have designed and tested a pressure-sensing contact lens that will, in the future, allow glaucoma patients to monitor their eye pressure at home, providing more detailed and continuous information in...

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New View Inside the Eye Helps Prevent Glaucoma

Dr. Asrani

A unique, new, non-invasive imaging device allows eye doctors to see areas inside the eye that previously were impossible to view, and to detect narrow angle glaucoma before it can cause sudden, painful loss of...

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