Research to Prevent Blindness

New View Inside the Eye Helps Prevent Glaucoma

Dr. Asrani

Early detection may play a major role in preventing blindness from narrow angle glaucoma, which is predicted to be the leading cause of blindness in the world by 2050.

A unique, new, non-invasive imaging device allows eye doctors to see areas inside the eye that previously were impossible to view, and to detect narrow angle glaucoma before it can cause sudden, painful loss of sight. The condition occurs in about 10 percent of all cases of glaucoma, but is three times as likely to lead to blindness as the other forms.  Studies have established that early detection is the key to prescribing proper treatments to slow glaucoma's progress. 

Once it is FDA-approved, the new system, shown in this video in use by Dr. Sanjay Asrani, a Duke University glaucoma specialist and RPB-supported researcher, could also be used to detect other eye conditions and to guide eye surgeries.  A smaller, portable version of the device is in development.


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