Research to Prevent Blindness

Researchers Build An “Aging Clock” To Help Treat Eye Disease

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The new way to measure ocular aging opens treatment avenues for numerous eye diseases.

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RPB-Supported Researcher Makes Progress on Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment

Dr. Akrit Sodhi

Dr. Akrit Sodhi at Johns Hopkins Medicine has published a new study showing promise for an experimental treatment to prevent or slow vision loss in people with diabetes.

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Research to Prevent Blindness Announces New Sight-Saving Vision Research Grants

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RPB launches awards in data science and Diabetic Eye Disease.

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RPB Hosts Virtual Event On Diabetic Retinopathy

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RPB grantees provide expert advice on DR as part of the "Lunch & Learn" series.

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Research to Prevent Blindness Grantee Dr. Gregg Semenza Wins Nobel Prize in Medicine

Dr. Semenza and colleague work in his lab

Dr. Semenza is being recognized for his discoveries related to how cells respond to low oxygen levels, which have implications for the treatment of cancer, eye diseases and more.

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New Findings on Blood Vessel Regulation

Gregory Schwartz in the lab

A study from an RPB-supported researcher at Northwestern University School of Medicine could speed up the diagnosis of retinal diseases.

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RPB Presents Scientists at the Frontiers of Retinal Research

At the ARVO Inaugural Press Conference, three RPB-funded scientists pushing the boundaries of imaging, early detection, regeneration.

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Alternative Treatment for Diabetic Retinopathy

RPB-supported commentary on approaches to using the anti-VEGF therapy.

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New Retinal Disease Discovered

Macula of affected person

RPB-supported researchers have found a new, rare inherited retinal disease. The  investigators hope that finding the genetic cause will increase understanding of more common retinal diseases. The macula,...

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New Vision Screening Device Provides Early Warning of Diabetic Eye Disease

Victor M. Elner, MD, PhD.jpg

RPB-supported research yields test that could give doctors and patients  a head start on treating diabetes and...

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Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy Reversed

Dr. Zhang.jpg

Two leading causes of blindness can be reversed or even prevented by drugs that activate a protein found in blood vessel cells. The discovery is an example of basic science research yielding a discovery with direct...

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