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If you have any questions regarding the RPB Grants Program, please contact RPB's Director of Grants Administration, Pattie Moran, at 646-892-9566 or

RPB Physician-Scientist Awards promote the clinical and/or basic science research of clinicians. The award, $300,000, is payable in two (2) payments, $150,000 per payment upon approval of a 14-month substantive progress report. Awards will be given in three (3) categories.  RPB is partnering with Mary Tyler Moore Vision Initiative to co-fund one (1) award.  

> The RPB / Mary Tyler Moore Vision Initiative Physician-Scientist Award* will focus on cutting-edge retinal research to expand relevant knowledge and to develop methods to preserve and restore visual function in diabetic retinopathy, diabetic macular edema, and diabetic retinal neurodegeneration [collectively Diabetic Retinal Disease (DRD)].  Relevant areas include but are not limited to research related to DRD clinical endpoints and biomarkers, assessments of visual function and patient quality of life, retinal non-perfusion and vascular integrity, neuroprotection, regeneration, as well as related stem-cell research and gene therapy.  Innovative proposals that address gaps in research, or address restoration of vision in advanced DRD are encouraged and prioritized.

The RPB Physician-Scientist Award in Myopia Research will focus on research that seeks to provide a better understanding of the development of myopia and/or how it can be prevented or decelerated.  The number of people affected by myopia is now increasing around the world and is projected to affect 50% of the world population by 2050.

> The RPB Physician-Scientist Award will not have a specific scientific focus and is open to any topic within vision research.

RPB-grantee department chairs may nominate up to two candidates per department  -- one candidate per award listed above.  MDs or MD/PhDs holding primary appointments as Assistant Professor or Associate Professor in ophthalmology departments are eligible. PhDs are not eligible.  Candidates are required to devote at least 25% of their time to research and at least 20% of their time to clinical activity.  Candidates are not required to have R01s but such funding will be viewed favorably.  Awardees will be required to expend the award within three (3) years if granted the full $300,000. Otherwise, the awardee is required to expend the initial $150,000 award within two (2) years.  

Only current RPB-grantee departments of ophthalmology may nominate candidates for the Physician-Scientist Award

* Contingent on partnership funding.

The fall cycle application deadline for the Physician-Scientist Award is July 1, with nomination forms due no later than June 15.   This award is not available during the spring cycle.  Applications received without a prior nomination form will not be accepted.  This award is not available during the spring cycle. (If the nomination or application deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, please consider the deadline to be the following business day.) 

The nomination and application forms as well as the guidelines and instructions for this award are available below.

RPB Physician-Scientist Award Nomination Form

RPB Physician-Scientist Award Application Form

RPB Physician-Scientist Award Guidelines / Instructions






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