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RPB Stein Innovation Awards provide funds to researchers in the ophthalmology department and to basic science or other relevant vision researchers outside of the ophthalmology department (but within the institution) with a common goal of understanding the visual system and the diseases that compromise its function. These awards are intended to provide seed money to proposed high-risk/high-gain vision science research which is innovative, cutting-edge, and demonstrates out-of-the-box thinking. The proposed research cannot be funded – previously or currently – by others (NEI, NIH, nonprofits, private funders, etc.). Grantee chairs can nominate one candidate in each review cycle. Researchers with primary appointments in ophthalmology apply in the Spring; all other vision researchers (those outside of the ophthalmology department) apply in the Fall. Candidates in either cycle must be either MDs, PhDs, or MD/PhDs with an academic position of Associate Professor through full Professor. The award, $300,000, is payable in two (2) payments, $150,000 per payment upon approval of a 14-month substantive progress report.

The spring cycle application deadline for the Stein Innovation Award is January 10. The fall cycle application deadline is July 1. (If January 10 or July 1 falls on a weekend or a holiday, consider the following business day the deadline.)

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