Research to Prevent Blindness

Test Identifies Eye Cancer Tumors Likely to Spread

test for ocular melanoma

RPB researchers have developed a genetic test that can accurately predict whether the most common form of eye cancer will spread to other parts of the body, particularly the liver. In 459 patients with ocular...

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New Technique Yields Insights into Human Tissues

bimodal dual AC mode microscopy.jpg

In another demonstration of the ripple effect created by a single, RPB-supported investigation, researchers, using a new microscopy technique focused on eye tissues damaged by scarring in diabetic patients, have...

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RPB Study Urges Glaucoma Screening for Older African Americans

Eye exam

Routine screening of older African Americans for glaucoma -- a high-risk group -- would significantly reduce the incidence of blindness at relatively low cost, RPB researchers report in a recently published...

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Gene Therapy for Inherited Blindness Takes Another Step Forward

Dr. MaGuire

Researchers further improved vision in three adult patients previously treated in one eye. After receiving the same treatment in their other eye, the patients became better able to see in dim light, and two were...

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Potential New Treatment Target for Retinoblastoma

Pediatric retinoblastoma genome investigation

RPB researchers have identified the mechanism that causes a rare and aggressive cancer that can be fatal if diagnosed at an advanced stage.  What's more, experimental drugs already in clinical trials for...

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