Research to Prevent Blindness

In Memoriam: Jean Stein

RPB is deeply saddened by the loss of Jean Stein, former RPB Trustee and daughter of the organization's founder, Dr. Jules Stein. Dr. Stein incorporated Research to Prevent Blindness in 1960 in order to establish a public charity and foundation focused on finding treatments, preventives and cures to all blinding conditions.

A photo of Ms. Jean Stein provided by the Stein family. 

Ms. Stein, a successful New York-based author, took up her father's unprecedented efforts to establish high-quality ophthalmological research across the U.S. by becoming an RPB Trustee in 1984 and serving until 2011.

One of Ms. Stein's daughters, Katrina vanden Heuvel, currently serves as an RPB Trustee, continuing the family's long legacy of commitment to eradicating the conditions that lead to vision loss.

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