Research to Prevent Blindness

Vision Research Funding Partnership III

Attendees at "Vision Research Funding Partnership III: Bigger Strides, Better Outcomes," left to right:
Front row: Aaron Lee, MD, University of Washington School of Medicine; Alan Morse, JD, PhD, Lighthouse Guild; Malvina Eydelman, MD, Food and Drug Administration; Stephanie Lederman, American Federation for Aging; Susan Olivo, Reader's Digest Partners for Sight Foundation; Elaine Richman, PhD, Richman Associates, LLC; Tom Brunner, Glaucoma Research Foundation; Brian F.Hofland, PhD, Research to Prevent Blindness (RPB); Paul Sieving, MD, PhD, National Eye Institute; (starting behind Dr. Sieving) Steve Becker, PhD, National Eye Institute; Mark Petrash, PhD, Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) Foundation; Torrey DeKeyser, Eyesight Foundation of Alabama; Shirley Hamilton, Eyesight Foundation of Alabama; Jinan Saaddine, MD, MPH, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Kathleen Rydar, That Man May See, Inc.
Back row: Anne Hultgren, PhD, Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation; Phillip Albano, Lions Clubs International; Iris Rush, ARVO; Michael Crair, PhD, E. Matilda Ziegler Foundation for the Blind; James Jorkasky, National Alliance for Eye and Vision Research; Guy Eakin, PhD, BrightFocus Foundation; Brian Mansfield, PhD, Foundation Fighting Blindness; William L. Rich, III, MD, FACS, American Academy of Ophthalmology; Bill Howell, Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium (MTEC); Jeff Todd, Prevent Blindness; Frank Martin, PhD, JDRF; Matthew Levine, RPB; David Wilson, MD, Heed Ophthalmic Foundation; Dawn George, Macula Vision Research Foundation. Photo: Dan Stimson, NEI.




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Our Partners

As a catalyst for vision research, Research to Prevent Blindness partners with other vision research funders-—combining resources, experience and capacity—to accelerate solutions for vision loss.