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 RPB sponsored the first ever Emerging Vision Scientists Day, October 7, 2015. The event was coordinated by the National Alliance for Eye and Vision Research, with whom RPB partners to raise awareness on Capitol Hill of the need to sustain and grow federal support for vision research.

The National Alliance for Eye Vision Research (NAEVR) works to insure that government officials understand the need for ongoing federal support of eye research. The National Eye Institute (NEI) is the federal government's source of funding for vision research. RPB and NAEVR have a mutual interest in supporting the NEI because  RPB grants have been designed to work synergistically with NEI grants in several ways:

  • by allowing federally-funded eye researchers to expand their project-specific work, either in pursuit of a newly uncovered idea or through the purchase of needed equipment; and
  • by providing seed money for studies of previously untested concepts whose results  lead to approval for NEI grants.

Jack Whalen, III, Ph.D. (USC Eye Institute/Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California) with National Eye Institute Deputy Director Belinda Seto, PhD and RPB President Brian F. Hofland, PhD in front of Whalen's poster featuring research on novel biomaterials for ophthalmic applications
. Photo: NAEVR

RPB was instrumental in initiating the movement that led to the creation of the NEI and continues to support NAEVR's activities.

If you want to express your support for federally-funded eye research, go to the website of the National Alliance for Eye Vision Research and enter your zip code in the "SPEAK UP" box in the upper right corner to find your representative and write him/her an e-mail.

Through NAEVR you can also follow the issues that influence appropriations for eye research.

Get involved and speak up for eye research!



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